If you are planning to operate any kind of drone (an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] without human pilot & controlled either autonomously by onboard computer or by the remotely controlled by a pilot on the ground.) with in the borders of Nepal, you will require a permission from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). The new law has been established since May 2015. However flying smaller toy size drone with in personal property like within garden or room is not affected by this law. In this post we will try to assist you in getting drone operating permission in Nepal.

Here is the contact information for Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal:

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal
Babarmahal, Kathmandu
Tel. 4262387, 4262326, 4262518
Fax: 977-1-4262516
E-mail: dgca@caanepal.org.np
Web: www.caanepal.org.np
Office hours: CAAN is open from 10 am – 4pm on working days (Sunday – Thursday) and on Friday from 10 am to 3 pm

Detailed rules and regulation on drone operation with in Nepal:

More info can be found in this PDF document. Click to Download

Rules and regulation changes as of Oct 2015 directive (in Nepali language): Download

Process to obtain drone flying permission in Nepal:

  • Documents required:
  1. Completely filled application form (Download Form)
  2. Request letter addressed to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal asking for permission to use drone.
  3. Copy of specification of Drone you will be flying.
  4. Copy of map of intended drone operation area.
  5. Copy that shows latitude longitude box of operation area.
  6. No Objection letter or Recommendation letter from concerned owner if drone operation area is over private/public place or property.
  7. If the operation area is on public property like roads, temples etc you need to have a no objection letter from Road’s Department and other such departments.
  8. Letter from the concerned authority for security clearance or other clearance. (Security clearance letter can be obtained from Police Headquarter in the drone operating area)

Cost: Free.

Timeframe: Submit your application at least 7 working days before your intended fly date. After all required documents are submitted and accepted by CAAN, you should get the permission within 3 days.

Process to get permission:

  1. Get a permission letter from the local Municipality where you intend to fly drone.
  2. Get a recommendation letter from the CDO (central district office) office. CDO will provide recommendation letter only after submitting permission letter from the municipality.
  3. Take these two letters from step 1 & 2 to local Police Headquarter where you intend to fly drone. They will provide security clearance letter. (For larger production, you may ask for police security to the area that you want to fly your drone, if needed.)
  4. With all the documents from above steps submit your application to the Drone operation permission department within Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

Special conditions for operating drone in Nepal:

  1. No need to get CAAN for permission if the drone is under 2 kg (4.4 lb) and you are using it under 200m (656 feet) on your personal properties like inside your house, land, and garden.
  2. Drone must be flown within the visual line of sight (normally within 500 m horizontally and 400 feet vertically) of its remote pilot (the person in charge of operating drone). Operations beyond these distances must be approved by the CAAN (the basic premise being for the operator to prove that he/she can fly it safely).
  3. Unmanned aircraft shall be permitted to be operated in day VMC conditions only.
  4. CAAN permission is required for all flights that are being conducted for aerial work subject to the approval of concerned Authority having jurisdiction over such aerial work.
  5. If the operations are to be conducted in a Restricted or Prohibited area, prior approval from the concerned Authority is required before applying for CAAN permission.
  6. Airport areas including take-off and approach paths shall be free of all UAV activity at all times regardless of altitude.
  7. To use drone in Nepal, you cannot get permission for longer period of time like for a year but can get for short period of time.

Anybody violating the provisions made on this Directives shall be liable of punishment in accordance to the Section 25 © of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Act, 2053.

October 2015 Directive
New provisions were introduced:

  • 2 seperate permissions are now needed to operate: a Frequency permission from the Ministry of Information and Communication (http://www.moic.gov.np/en/) and a UAV flight permission from CAAN
  • No flight is allowed within 1000m of Security agencies and sensitive areas.
  • No flight is allowed above archaeological areas. Distance is not specified however.
  • Specified endurance [of the UAV] must be less than or equal to 15 minutes.
  • Your vehicle must be within 300m (horizontal distance) from the operator.
  • Flying altitude must be 100m or lower.

Alternative Contact CAAN:

Aeronautical Information Management Department
Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal

Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: caanais@caanepal.org.np
Tel: +977 1 4257667
Fax:+977 1 4262516.

Enjoy your Nepal visit and have a wonderful time.